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Meet the Team at Buchar Family Chiropractic

Get to Know Us

Robin headshotHi! I am originally from Baton Rouge Louisiana. I’ve been living in Naperville the last 17 years where I have raised my 4 children. In my spare time, I like to cook, do home projects, outdoor activities with my husband and hang out with my pets. Before working at Buchar Family Chiropractic in October of 2021, I was a patient here for 6 years. I had severe sciatica pain, but within a few months of chiropractic care, I was back on track and feeling great! What I like the most about Buchar Family Chiropractic is the family feeling you get when you walk in. Everyone’s goal here is to get you back to your best self.

Liz headshotI’ve been with Buchar Family Chiropractic since 2020. I enjoy getting to know our patients and seeing how chiropractic care improves their lives in different ways. My husband and I have 4 children; Ben, Jack, Owen and Caroline. We enjoy spending our time outdoors, cheering on the kids from the sidelines, hiking, swimming and spending time with our families and friends.

Sue headshotI was introduced to chiropractic correction and wellness care by a friend of mine in 2014. I knew that our body functions are controlled by our brains however, I was surprised to find out that our muscles and organs do not work as designed if our spine is not aligned as intended.

Initially, I sought treatment for tingling and pain that ran down my left arm which had been brought on by years of stress and from balancing a phone on my left shoulder prior to the use of headsets. Within 5 adjustments, the pain and tingling was gone.

I have been a chiropractic wellness patient for 8 years. During this time, I have learned that our bodies are intelligently designed and that we all have the ability to keep our bodies healthy and working properly by being adjusted regularly. I have learned that ear infections and allergies can be treated with regular adjustments without the needed of antibiotics or other commonly prescribed medications when they are adjusted on a regular basis. I really wish that I had known about the benefits of Chiropractic care when my sons were infants and young children as they had many ear infections which required antibiotics as well as the surgical placement of tubes in their ears.

I joined the team in 2021 and look forward to seeing and helping you in both the Aurora and Naperville offices.

Tina headshotI have been a massage therapist for 25 years and part of the Buchar Family Chiropractic team for the last 4 years. I attended The Wellness and Massage Training Institute to pursue my passions for health and wellness.

My techniques focus on injury-based deep-tissue and trig-ger-point therapy. In addition to massage, my therapy services include cupping, kinesio taping, myofascial release, and active-assisted stretching. I have a wide range of experience providing relief from everyday stresses, sports injuries, pregnancy, and even the most complicated cases.

To get the best results, I believe in at home self-care between your therapy visits. It is important to perform post-massage stretches and exercises between sessions. As a team, we have weekly clinical meetings to address patient issues to ensure everyone receives a comprehensive plan of care. Massage therapy is no longer identified as just a luxury. It’s widely recognized as a primary treatment for chronic pain and injuries as well as used for rehabilitation. Many insurance plans offer benefits for massage therapy and we are happy you provide assistance to help get your sessions reimbursed.

I have been married for 4 years and have a 15-year-old step-daughter who keeps us busy with soccer. I am also a personal trainer so I love maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I enjoy providing educational illustrations for the office as an extension of my hobby as an artist, and my husband and I travel as often as possible. My family and I live in the area, so it’s great to see familiar faces while we’re out biking or walking local trails with our three dogs.

kathy headshot

Hello, I’m Kathy. I’ve had the pleasure of being with Buchar Family Chiropractic for over a decade, serving in various capacities throughout the years. My journey into chiropractic care began after enduring severe muscle tightness, chronic strep throat, and breathing difficulties. My husband discovered an article that explained how chiropractic care could help with these issues. Initially skeptical, I believed chiropractic care was only for back problems. However, the education and treatment I received from the chiropractor proved otherwise, and it truly worked!

My husband and our four children have been benefiting from chiropractic care for over 15 years. Two of my daughters are competitive soccer players, and I credit their ability to compete at a high level with minimal injuries to the excellent care we receive from our chiropractors. We have experienced numerous additional benefits, including reduced allergies and headaches, and an overall stronger immune system.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, attending various sporting events, gardening, and listening to live music.

miriam headshot

I am proud to be a part of the team at Buchar Family Chiropractic. With a background as a massage therapist for six years, I bring a wealth of experience in promoting wellness and alleviating discomfort. My passion lies in making a positive impact on our patients’ lives, and I thoroughly enjoy building connections with them. In my free time, I cherish moments with my husband and daughter, and we love spending time outdoors. Our family also includes two beloved rabbits. We enjoy relaxing and creating memories with family and friends.

anita headshot
Hello, my name is Anita! As a college student majoring in PR and communications, I was introduced to chiropractic care while studying in Minnesota. My journey began when I worked at a chiropractic office and took advantage of the free care offered to employees. Suffering from frequent migraines and neck pain, I found significant relief through regular adjustments and massages, which greatly improved my quality of life. This experience fostered my strong belief in the numerous benefits of chiropractic care. I recently joined the team at Buchar Family Chiropractic and am thrilled to embark on this new journey. Hearing and seeing the positive patient testimonials has been incredibly rewarding. In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball, spending time with my nephew, and participating in my church’s college group.



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