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What Our Patients Say

testimonialsWhat others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Buchar Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please Contact us or Click here to email us your questions!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Bill Buchar


Exceeded My Expectations

I am very happy that I was referred to this office. It has exceeded my expectations and I will share the love, greatness and kindness, not forgetting the wonderful Doctor Pat and his very happy and friendly staff. I will refer others to this great family like place. Please continue to do your best that you are doing now. Much Love. ~Caryl R.

Extremely Accommodating

The staff is always extremely accommodating and welcoming, it makes coming to my appointments more enjoyable. I came in with severe optical migraines and a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep. Since I started coming to Dr. Buchar, about six months ago, I have not had one optical migraine and most nights I am sound asleep the entire night. I will continue to take care of myself by keeping up with exercises and my appointments. It has been a pleasing experience and lifestyle change. I am grateful for the support from Buchar Family Chiropractic! ~Megan D.

Very Satisfied and Highly Recommend

I met Dr. Buchar through a 30-day challenge at my church. So when my daughters back suddenly went out we had to decide – chiropractic care or ER; we choose chiropractic care. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Buchar saw us within 20 minutes of my calling the office even though we had never been to his offices. He even saw us the following day on Sunday so that we could get the quickest recovery possible before leaving for vacation on Tuesday. We had a great trip and since our return the entire family has signed up on the family wellness plan. Very satisfied and highly recommend. ~Jaimie C

Educates Patients

I appreciate the fact that you take the time to educate patients and use technology to uncover the cause of symptoms and measure progress. ~Fuller-Kasle C.


The chiropractors are friendly, thorough, and explain procedures taken. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for chiropractic services. ~Susan S.

Lower back issues – 2 weeks

Very painful, inhibited movement. I have used a chiropractor since my early twenties. It is always fast to cure. Increased movement in my middle and upper back and greater flexibility in my neck. Easier to do back bends which is a great benefit for doing yoga. ~Don H. Age 61

Pain is Gone!

Knee pain made walking slow and painful. Back pain interrupted sleep. I had not received any other treatment. Back pain is gone.
~ James D.


They are helping me with a full service wellness solution for myself and my family. I am impressed by the entire staff’s dedication to helping me achieve my goals. ~Jennifer S.

Back Pain

I have really enjoyed the time I have been being treated at BFC. Dr. B & Dr. L have always taken the time to explain and listen to me and my family. I went in after months of back pain & within a week or so of treatment, my pain has subsided considerably. I am encouraged at the wellness plans and lifestyle that BFC supports. I was impressed at the Christmas party to see that BFC walks the walk in terms of healthy eating. I thought I was going to splurge on a diet coke, but was pleasantly surprised to see the water with lemon. The ladies that work the front desk are always welcoming, cheerful & professional. ~Amy C.

Back pain and migraine headaches

It probably started when I was in high school. Sometimes I would get migraines every week. Whenever that happens, I have to lie down for hours until they go away. This would affect my schedule and ruin my day. I tried chiropractic before, the Gonstead method. It helped the headaches come less often, but they would still occur. I hated driving so far to my previous chiropractor and then having to wait 45-60 minutes to be seen. The lack of progress was frustrating.

Since transferring to Buchar Family Chiropractic, my migraines have gone away and my back pain has lessened. I can see on the x-ray that my spinal curves have improved. I don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of all-day headaches and 2 hour long chiropractic appointments. Buchar Family Chiropractic has also been giving me help and advice about my current pregnancy. We also appreciate the payment plan options. Thanks for all your help and willingness to work with our budget! ~Ann H.

Neuropathy-2 years

From the first session, you took the time to answer my questions and addressed my concerns with great sensitivity. My reluctance to work with yet another physician melted away once I saw for myself how dedicated you were to helping me to heal, not simply to having me as a stream of income for your practice.

My neuropathy has been difficult to live with, not just for me, but for my family as well. From the beginning, we felt helpless to deal with the symptoms peculiar to this condition. My neurologist told me on more than one occasion that my condition was permanent, that it would be progressively debilitating and that all he could do was to increase my prescription for Neurontin. I could not accept that prognosis and I have been fighting ever since. Over the past 2 years, I have fought my way back t some function of my legs and feet, but before seeing you, I knew I had reached a plateau in my recovery.

In the few weeks I have been working with you, already I feel I have more energy to carry me through the day and I have begun to feel sensations of heat and pressure I haven’t felt for years. This is clearly more evidence that I am on a path to healing. I am committed to becoming healthy and strong again. This process has been a long one for me and my family, but I know I will prevail. When I do, I know it will be due in no small part to your involvement….. P.S. I’ve fired my neurologist. ~Dom D.

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Anxiety attacks – 2 months

I have been on and off with antidepressant medication since the birth of my daughter. I was off Lexapro for about 1 year. Then I had a big setback and experienced anxiety attacks that I never had before. I sought therapy and went back on Lexapro. My attacks were becoming more frequent. I have been on and off with antidepressant medication since the birth of my daughter. I was off Lexapro for about 1 year. Then I had a big setback and experienced anxiety attacks that I never had before. I sought therapy and went back on Lexapro. My attacks were becoming more frequent. The racing thoughts seem to be no more. Although I am still taking Lexapro, I feel so much better. I feel like I have my quality of life back. I seem happier and I have gone back to exercising. My family has noticed the difference. Buchar chiropractic has been a lifesaver for me and my family. I never knew it could help with emotional issues. I recommend it for anyone who has experienced what I have. ~Becky G.

Tingling and numbness in my back – 1 – 2 months

At its worst, I had a hard time carrying my baby girl. I have not had chiropractic care in the past. My back feels so much better. In addition to no longer having numbness, the overall tightness has lessened. I am able to do more without pain and have more energy. ~ Laurel

Neck pain and stiffness – 2 years

I was unable to turn my neck to look behind me. I had trouble sleeping because of the pain. I thought chiropractic was only for people with back problems. I have increased the curvature of my neck from 19