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Week 3 Grocery List for the Lifestyle Challenge!!!

Week 3 Grocery List for the Lifestyle Challenge!!!

Day 15 to 21


o 2 lbs grass fed beef
o 2 cartons organic cage free eggs
o Organic bacon
o 2 lbs organic ground turkey
o 1 can wild caught salmon
o 1 lb organic cage free chicken
o 10 organic skinless chicken breasts
o Organic chicken broth
o 4 ounce package smoked salmon

o Red Onions
o Greens
o Avacadoes
o Mushrooms of your choice (3 containers)
o Shiitake mushrooms
o 7 Bell Peppers
o 1 can crushed tomatoes
o 1 can chopped tomatoes
o Grape tomatoes (1 container)
o Garlic
o 1 can water chestnuts
o Ginger
o Green onion (2 bunches)
o Lettuce
o Cilantro
o Red bell peppers (several)
o Sweet potatoes (3-4)
o Spinach
o Onion (white and red)
o Jalapenos
o Celery
o Leeks
o Butternut squash
o 1 can artichoke hearts
o shallots

o Almonds
o Raw pecans
o Poppy seeds
o Pecans
o Coconut oil
o Raspberry vinegar
o Olive oil
o Sesame oil
o Rice vinegar
o Tamari
o Balsalmic vinegar
o Grape seed oil
o Red wine vinegar

o Fresh blueberries, raspberries
o 2 Granny smith apples
o Raisins
o Lemon

o Cinammon
o Stevia
o Chili powder
o Basil
o Cumin
o Paprika
o Crushed red pepper
o Curry
o Oregano
o Dill

o Almond or Coconut milk
o Whey protein
o Brown rice
o 1 chicken stock
o Organic almond/cashew butter
o Almond flour
o Lemon juice
o Dijon mustard
o Black beans
o Mayonnaise (veganese)

o Full fat yogurt
o Feta cheese
o Greek yogurt
o Italian romano cheese

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